Letting Go of Toxicity

Letting Go of Toxicity

I saw this quote a few weeks back and I just loved it. As a #goaldigger myself, I thought it a good reminder that we should be pursuing our goals and dreams, not unhealthy people.

quote about toxic people

Letting go of toxic people and toxic relationships is hard because of what is known as a trauma bond. Humans crave connection with other humans. A trauma bond is the type of bond that forms when people go through something traumatic together or share a similar traumatic experience (not together). Codependents and empaths often trauma bond with their partners, usually partners that are codependents, narcissists, or addicts.

The most dangerous part of a trauma bond is that it doesn’t go away when the relationship ends. Trauma bonds usually transfer to the next relationship because codependency is a way of relating to people. Until you address the underlying wounds that led to the codependent behavior, you will continue to trauma bond and attract partners that will prey on those unhealthy relational styles. Like we discussed last week, BREAK FREE FROM THAT PATTERN!

Let go of those people that didn’t belong in your life in the first place. Don’t chase them. Don’t pay them attention. Know your worth and accept nothing less than someone honoring that. Chase your goals and return to a place of high vibrations so you can attract others wanting the same.

graphic for breaking the cycle

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Krista is a a corporate attorney and single mom of 3 young kids- Nico, Gabriella and Milana- residing in Orlando, FL.

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