And we’re back!

And we’re back!

It’s been an entire month since I started a self-imposed (and unannounced) social media hiatus from the blog. There’s been so much that has been going on and I just want to share a few things that I’ve been up to before diving into the meat of my first post back coming tomorrow morning.

First, earlier in July my parent company began the exit from Chapter 11 proceedings, which meant my job has been pretty much non-stop since. I’m incredibly lucky to have been employed throughout COVID so far when so many friends and family and colleagues were not as lucky. We weren’t totally unscathed though, the Chapter 11 was a significant and unexpected hurdle in the road for us, but… it’s looking good.

That just means work life is insane, however.

Kids are finishing their last week of summer camp before beginning school full time again next week. The extra hours of being at school are necessary so I can get back to working a full work day during the day and can stop putting in the rest of my hours overnight like I have been (at least for most of the time). I’m very grateful for my job and the substantive and challenging work I’ve gotten to do. They’ve really enjoyed their time at summer camp, and I can’t wait to see what the regular school year has in store for them. A few summer camp highlights:

Second, since the last time I wrote, Milana and I took a quick three day trip to Pittsburgh for a bunch of reasons. We spent some time visiting friends and family, took Mila’s (late) first birthday photos, and even got to stop at our favorite Pittsburgh spot- Phipps Conservatory. Due to covid, we were one of two groups there and really had almost the entire place to ourselves. It was a gorgeous day. A few pics from the trip.

We also went on vacation to Cape Coral for the better part of a week. We stayed at an AirBNB and mostly stayed in the house, with just two evening trips to the beach. We tried our best to limit exposure to people and avoid being the cause of any further transmission of covid. Hopefully we were successful in that endeavor.

A few snaps from our week in South Florida as well.

I have a great post coming tomorrow on saving yourself, and I hope you’ll come back to check it out!

Be well and stay safe, everyone!

By recoveringsuperwoman

Krista is a a corporate attorney and single mom of 3 young kids- Nico, Gabriella and Milana- residing in Orlando, FL.

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