What are we going to do when….

What are we going to do when….

The internet breaks?

I mean, Kylie Jenner posts a random photo on Instagram and sometimes the internet breaks.

Now that nearly the entire planet in non-“essential” roles is working from home or otherwise stuck at home while we’re practicing social distancing, is the internet getting a massive constant surge from people watching Netflix, cable tv, or just generally surfing the internet?

Am I just crazy thinking that the internet might actually break during this thing leaving us all to really feel like we’re back in 1918 during the Spanish Flu? Side note, I am so glad I was born when I was…. so, so glad.

So do we think the internet is going to break? And not just a little break for an hour, but like- an extended break? When Kylie Jenner breaks the internet in aforementioned scenario, it usually takes hours to get everything back up and running and that’s when Instagram is operating as usual. Now that everyone is clearly NOT operating as usual, could we be talking about some sort of extended period of internet outage?


No, but really…

Photo by Dzenina Lukac on Pexels.com

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Krista is a a corporate attorney and single mom of 3 young kids- Nico, Gabriella and Milana- residing in Orlando, FL.

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