To infinity and beyond!!!

To infinity and beyond!!!

Friends and family, I am so excited and humbled to make a huge announcement today. I’ve recently accepted a position at a new company, and I want to tell you all about it!

But first, I want to tell you about some of the amazing experiences I’ve had in my current role, how grateful I am for the incredible opportunities it’s presented to me over the years, and how much I will miss the the wonderful people I worked with and the exciting work that I was a part of…

For the last five years, I have been working as a Senior Attorney at FedEx. I don’t often like to say where I work on social media (although a quick search could turn up the answer) because what I say is my own content and shouldn’t be attributed in any way to the company, but since I’m just about to leave, I figured I’d break my own rule.

img_2177When I was hired back in 2015, it was shortly after FedEx purchased GENCO, a small private third party logistics provider here in Pittsburgh. I was so ecstatic to make the move to FedEx. While the name on the building and everywhere in my office park reflected GENCO, it was obvious that big things were happening at the company now that the FedEx name was attached.


I remember the feeling I got shortly after I was hired when I’d see a FedEx truck on the road or go to a local sporting event and see the FedEx brand represented everywhere. I started waving to every delivery driver I’d pass and I sure as heck became the nice homeowner that left food and beverage for drivers during the busy holiday season. I was so proud to be a FedEx employee.

I’m saying all of that in the past tense, but not because my pride has faded away, but simply because in a very short period of time, being a part of Fred Smith’s FedEx will be history for me.

When I started with the company, I was the first attorney hired by our very much admired and respected General Counsel. I remember sitting in his office during my interview and telling him that I was excited to join the company, but I was leaving behind a really fantastic boss and he had big shoes to fill. He didn’t disappoint. In fact, I’ve never felt so invested in professionally as I have while under his leadership. I’ve been so lucky to have worked for companies whose missions I believe in, leadership and direct supervisors that believed in and empowered me, and substantively challenging and exciting work to do every single day.

Anyways, I saw the department grow from he and I and support staff, where we could have a department meeting in his office, to needing to utilize a 40 person meeting room space and still have 10-20 more join on the phone. It has been the most wonderful experience.


During my time at the company, I got married and had my 3 babies, who all wore purple proudly (the photo of each of them in the Eat Sleep Deliver sleeper just melts my heart). Heck Nico was even featured on the FedEx social media account for his purple pride a few years back.

We have approximately six hundred forty-three and a half kid-size FedEx trucks, airplanes, vans, and any other possible mode of transportation you can imagine because we love anything reflecting the brand.

Flight Simulator at the Memphis Hub

I did so many cool things with and for the company and had so many “firsts” – I remember the first time I experienced the flight simulators used by the pilots in practicing delivering our cargo to some 220 countries, the first time I experienced the luxury of taking a private jet, the first time I spent an overnight in the Hub watching 1.5 million packages come in and out in a matter of hours with nothing other than absolute astonishment. The company is truly remarkable and watching some of the magic (and being a part of it!) has just been exhilarating.


I won’t forget the many ways that I was celebrated and the special sentiment that comes with going through such a big part of your life while attached to people and a company. I truly had the most incredible 5 years at the company and I am so grateful that I was given the opportunity to be part of a legal department that provided tremendous value to the business.

Over the last year, it’s been a sad and slow bleed of talented teammate after talented teammate leaving for other opportunities because of the relocation of our Pittsburgh office to Memphis. While I was absolutely thinking that I would be following the company to World HQ, I would have been remiss to pass up the incredible opportunity that presented itself to me. In so many ways I feel like the band is breaking up… but I suppose that’s all part of the journey.

So it’s with immense gratitude that I announce that I’m transitioning to an Associate General Counsel role with Airbus OneWeb Satellites, LLC. A joint venture between Airbus and OneWeb, the company is transforming the space industry through the mass production of satellites for its nearly 1000 unit strong constellation of space satellites to provide global high-speed internet access (and more)!

And so I say… to infinity and beyond!


I can’t wait to tell you more about what I’ll be doing, but for now I’m just excited to say that I’m absolutely elated and (hopefully!) ready for this new experience. Next week will be my last week with FedEx and I’ll be jumping in full throttle (I made a space joke!) to my new role.

Thank you for those of you that have sent your thoughts, prayers, encouragement and love during the last year while I’ve attempted to navigate what was next for me and my family. I could not be more excited about everything that is in store. Please continue to pray for us as we transition to the new normal which will include a bit more of mom being away than anyone is used to. I’d also appreciate any prayers that the right people will be brought into our lives to assist us in this transition.

Thank you friends, I can’t wait to jump right in!

By recoveringsuperwoman

Krista is a a corporate attorney and single mom of 3 young kids- Nico, Gabriella and Milana- residing in Orlando, FL.


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