Lumaze Pittsburgh is simply LUMAZING!

Lumaze Pittsburgh is simply LUMAZING!




b755573e-89cd-4d00-8307-c41563cf1ba2If you know anything about me and my tribe, you know that we LOVE Christmas. We’re talking pull out decorations around Labor Day and slowly (sometimes not so slowly) start putting things up through September and October. Come Halloween we are in full on Christmas mode.

So when I heard that Lumaze was coming to Pittsburgh this year, I was more than ecstatic to visit.


I intentionally chose our attendance date to be a day and time when I expected it to be the least busy- namely, the opening hour (4pm) on a Thursday. I picked up Nico and Gabriella from school and we made our way over!

I’m going to start with the bad: There were three things that I didn’t like about the experience:

  1. $20 parking fee (in addition to $20/person admission)
  2. The temperature
  3. The uneven floor


Lumaze partners with a company to handle parking. With the exception of about six spots, you will pay $20 to park, whether right next to the warehouse or 3/4 of a mile away. It’s not clearly noted when you buy tickets that there is a separate parking charge; I found that annoying.

Lumaze is in a warehouse- 31st street studios. Despite various claims of heating in the building, it wasn’t evident when we arrived. It was absolutely freezing throughout the entire space.

Lastly, the warehouse floor is concrete, but it’s not necessarily even concrete. With some young toddlers in tow, I found them occasionally falling on the uneven surfaces. And with a concrete floor underneath, we had a few falls that hurt and resulted in some bruises.




With that out of the way, I have to tell you the inside of Lumaze is like the best Christmas ever in my mind. I described it to some of my friends and family as the same thing as one of those drive-through Christmas light shows, but you walk and it’s inside. The theme this year was Fairy Tale, and there were nods to fairy tales throughout the setups. My favorite part was that it all felt very classy – it wasn’t as though Christmas threw up- there was just enough in the right spacing configuration to look elegant.






Lumaze does a great job of catering to young people – there is an expansive playground inside that I would have loved to let my littles play on if I wasn’t so interested in the lights. There was a light up hop scotch that every kid and adult in the place enjoyed checking out. They had a standing lite brite board that is a hit no matter where you put it. And of course, in a perfect Christmas finale, they had a train! This train was awesome- a real train that operated with a driver off of tracks — and it had steam! Big hit with my kids!


For the adults- there are several bars throughout the space, but everyone told me the lines get very long and that the bartenders aren’t very quick. Having went at opening, that wasn’t an issue for me and I got a glass of white wine in this amazing ornament/light bulb glass. The drink was $7 and the glass $8 – but for a Christmas obsessed wine lover, that $15 was well worth it! Very creative and I can’t wait to drink out of it again.

I’m told the souvenir drinks light up, but mine wasn’t working. Oh well!


There’s also an extensive Christmas market and many vendors selling or giving samples of food and beverage. Again, not very busy when we got there but other reviews I’ve read say that this area gets pretty crowded!

My favorite spot was the ice crystals this area was just stunning visually and I wish that I had a few extra hands so I could stop and just take a few photos or videos without worrying that someone would try to run off with one of my kids!


Will your family head out to Lumaze this season?



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Krista is a a corporate attorney and single mom of 3 young kids- Nico, Gabriella and Milana- residing in Orlando, FL.


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