Christmas Card Challenge and a little update!

Christmas Card Challenge and a little update!

They say a good blogger regularly creates content. Well, by that measurement, at the very least, I have massively failed over the month of November. Sorry for the brief hiatus friends, things have been a little crazy.

I started the month with a four day trip to Leesburg, Virginia, about 30 minutes outside Washington, DC. I was the chair of an industry specific legal symposium and hosting with an organization I’ve been a part of for nearly five years. The fun factor for this was that I had all three kids with me, which was no small feat. My mom was kind enough to meet me there to watch the kids during my working days, which was an invaluable assist and it would not have been possible without her. However, I was on my own for both ways of the nearly five hour drive, packing up, unpacking, and entertaining while we waited for our room (always a fun treat for parents of young kids). Nonetheless, the conference was massively successful as was the overall trip with my kids. We even had a few hours on the first two days to explore a Children’s gym in Virginia and visit the National Harbor in Maryland. A few pics below!







The following week I had a work trip to Atlanta and that marked the first time I left Milana overnight. Really, it was the first time I left her for any period of time that wasn’t for work with the exception of the Celine Dion concert. Her teacher was kind enough to take her for the night which made my trip possible, and my heart is abundantly grateful.

Lastly, I am just overjoyed to share the most amazing news that I received yesterday. It is bittersweet but will be such a logistical relief and ease to my soul — yesterday afternoon I got a call from the Director of Admissions at Nico and Gabriella’s school with the wonderful news that a spot has opened up in January for Milana Grace. She has been on the waiting list for over a year and it was looking like she would not have a spot until September 2020- almost two full years after being on the list. Well friends, God is working for my good and has made a way! This is amazing news for me logistically first; I previously have had to take the kids to different places about 30 minutes apart from each other, and each of their daycare and school were 30 minutes from my house – making the daily commute each way two hours long. It also required me to take Nico and Gabriella out of the car when I drop Mila off, which is not necessarily a small task when they’re that little. Inevitably someone has to use the toilet in that time, requiring another stop, and required me to have to resort to screen time parenting for some period of time because of the length of  the journey, and I”m pretty strictly no tv time during the school week otherwise. This is going to be an amazing help for me on a daily basis. It will also be a happy thing because now all 3 of my babes are in the Montessori program; I had been feeling so badly that Milana wasn’t going to have the experience that I was able to provide for Gabriella in that environment and this is just SUCH a game changer for me.

Of course this comes with great sadness as well- it means Milana is going to leave the loving arms of her teachers at Bright Horizons in Cranberry. All three of my children have been there while on the waiting list for Montessori and with the same teacher. My heart breaks to leave her and the wonderful admins at the center. It has been such a wonderful gift they have given me in knowing that my youngest babes are so well taken care of. I was crying happy tears for hours yesterday knowing the relief that this would bring me in my daily logistical challenge, but I also had some sad tears knowing we are leaving some of our best friends at Bright Horizons. Here’s a few of my favorite pictures of Mila enjoying her day there!





So I titled the post Christmas Card Challenge — you must be wondering what I’m talking about right?

Each year I collect dozens of holiday cards sent from friends and family around the country and some from even farther beyond. I never quite know what to do with them during the holidays as they take up more and more space each year, and I definitely haven’t had a good idea what to do after the holidays. Throwing them away seems cold, but I don’t quite know how to store them either.

One of my cousins shared last year that she puts her yearly holiday cards in a binder and enjoys going back to look at them year after year. I thought that was a great idea.

This year I thought that I would ask my friends and family that send holiday cards or wish to receive a holiday card to tell me a specific way I can pray for your family. I want to use my cards as daily prayer reminders during the holiday season and throughout the year. I’m going to steal my cousin’s idea a little and place your holiday cards in a binder at the end of the season, but I’m going to leave them on my kitchen island so that I can pray for you throughout the year.

If you need my address, drop a comment here or on my social media or send me a private message and we can exchange addresses!

What do you do with your holiday cards?

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Krista is a a corporate attorney and single mom of 3 young kids- Nico, Gabriella and Milana- residing in Orlando, FL.


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