40 Before 40…. Starting at 35

40 Before 40…. Starting at 35

Y’all… I just had a semi-milestone birthday. Thirty-five. Yep, THIRTY FIVE! It’s kind of the last “I’m young” birthday before some scary birthdays… 40, 50, 60… yikes!


When did I grow up? I swear I was just celebrating my 22nd birthday a few weeks ago.

As I start my approach to 40, which admittedly, I KNOW is a ways away, I am thinking about all the things that I have been blessed to do in my life and the things that I’d still like to accomplish, personally and professionally. In the spirit of self-reflection, I’ve made two lists.

The first – 40 Before 40 – a compilation of things I’d like to set out to do before the big 4-0 hits.

And the second – which I’ll touch on in a later post – is 40 things that I’m abundantly thankful for. I’m pleased to share the first list with you today.

But first – why am I writing down 40 things I want to do before I turn 40 when I’ve only JUST turned 35? Simple. Because there are times when I blink and two weeks passes. That is what life with 3 kids 3 and under is like, and I have a feeling I’m going to blink a few more times and be talking about that 40th birthday.

What will life be like when I turn 40? Hard to say. Hard to even begin to imagine, really.

I will turn 40 in October 2024. At that time, Nico will be 8, Gabi almost 7, and Milana 5. That is just WILD to think about. Just saying those ages out loud really makes me grateful that I’m making this list now because I think there might be twenty lifetimes between now and then.

Some of the things on my list are selfish, some of them are frankly a little vain. Some of them are reach goals, some deeply personal, and others probably typical for such a bucket list. I’m fully aware that making such a list can make one appear ungrateful for the things they have, places they’ve been, or people that are in their lives, which is why I’m letting you know I also made a second list 😊

I’ll check in each year around my birthday and update you on my progress!


40 Before 40

  1. Ride a hot air balloon in Cappadocia (with the climate in Turkey right now, I might settle for a hot air balloon ride elsewhere)
  2. Pay down personal debt (life with 3 kids means 3 daycare/school tuitions that amounts to a figure approaching 2x my mortgage. I’m a little upside down right now, but I know it is a season and I am going to work to flip that right side up by making sure the amount in the red goes down, not up, each month)
  3. Get in the best shape of my life (now that I”m done having kids, this seems more doable. But, now that I have 3 kids, this seems almost impossible. I am determined though, and this means making it happen!)
  4. Use coupons (I don’t know why I’m so bad at this, but I vow to get better over the next few years)
  5. Start an annual vacation tradition (I have traditions that I do for the kids on each trip we go on, but I kind of want to start a family tradition where we go to the same place every year, or a different place during the same week, or maybe vacation with another family every year. I want my kids to have these memories.)
  6. Create a living will (It’s absurd that I am an attorney and I don’t have a living will. I need to get this done ASAP)
  7. Create a will (Again, what kind of lawyer am I to not have this? Especially with young children. Expect this and the one above are among the first things I check off this list).
  8. Go on a personal retreat / solo vacation (Not possible at this immediate time, but by the time 40 rolls around, I plan on taking a long weekend solo trip annually, if possible. A yoga retreat or something personal growth related.)
  9. Go to the dentist regularly – 2x/year (I know it’s embarrassing to admit this, but I despise going to the dentist and as such, avoid it as much as possible. I’m 35, need to stop this nonsense!)
  10. Get invisalign treatment to straighten my teeth (In line with I despise all things dental related, I have shied away from correcting my teeth and it’s time to change that up.)  img_3910
  11. Learn how to use my Cricut and actually use it (On Amazon PrimeDay 2018, I bought a Cricut Air 2.0 because I have 3 kids and have the need to make personalized items often. It is still in the box.)
  12. Stop drinking coffee more than once per week (Mama loves her venti coffee frappuccinos, and this habit is an expensive and generally unhealthy one. Aiming to cut this before 40- giving myself some leeway here because, KIDS!)
  13. Keep my car more organized (Again, kids. But I can’t blame them, I need to take more time to clean it out after they destroy it on an hourly basis).
  14. Keep a family calendar up to date (With as much as we have going on, I don’t know how I survive without doing this already. As the kids get older and involved in more activities, this will get exponentially more difficult. Hence, calendar.)
  15. Be fully present with my kids as much as possible (With 3 so close in age, it’s hard to have quality time with each child. Therefore, I need to make sure I am fully there with them during our time together.)
  16. Keep the phones and tv away from the dinner table (Absent travel days, this shouldn’t be too hard to implement right away.)
  17. Be more respectful of my health (water intake, working out, sleeping better.)
  18. Ask for and accept help (why is this so hard?)
  19. Write annual letter to each child (I started this with Nico (read one of them here) and didn’t keep it up. I want to write a letter to each child for their birthday and put in their time capsules for them to open when they’re older.)
  20. Stick with a therapist at least bi-weekly (Shouldn’t everyone have a therapist? Seems like such a necessary thing to help navigate life’s difficult waters.)
  21. Let the kids do things by themselves, even if it takes 222354x as long (You’re spending all this time and money to help them become independent little people, Krista- let them do the things!)
  22. Teach/encourage empathy and respect for others (Continue journey towards raising emotionally intelligent children.)
  23. Show them they matter and deserve my love no matter what (It is my life’s mission to make sure my children know there is nothing they can do to earn or lose my love for them.)
  24. Incorporate prayer into all parts of daily life (Y’all, having a relationship with God means talking to him throughout the entire day, just like you would a friend. I’m practicing doing this more with my children now, and hope to have made a lot of progress on this in a year or two.)
  25. Demonstrate that I am trustworthy to my children (Prove myself. Remember important things. Show up when I say I will. Follow through with discipline. Be consistent.)
  26. Commit to a gratitude routine (I am still conjuring up what this will be, but I want to make a point to be consistently grateful every single day of my life.)
  27. Be a mentor and a guide through my children’s lives (Show them how to live. Be fanatical about being a role model- how to trust and love God, how to be a good partner, how to respect myself and others, how to treat other people, how to work hard, how to manage money, how to read books, etc.)
  28. Keep my desk more organized (I don’t know why this is so hard.)
  29. Increase professional presence (more speaking engagements, more board presence.)
  30. Step into the next level role in my career (find what’s next and run into it full speed.)
  31. See Celine Dion in concert a few more times (I’ve seen her 14 times from 1998-2019; what’s a few more?)IMG_0013 (1)
  32. Take kids to Paris (I don’t know why Paris, other than I love it, but I definitely want to take them in the next few years, and hit up Disney Paris while we’re there, because… Disney!)
  33. Visit five new states (I’m in a rut where I’m going to the same places over and over again. Note: super grateful for my ability to travel. I want to change that up by visiting some new places and making new memories with my tribe!)
  34. Increase reach of blog 10x (My daily viewership now is somewhere between 30-60 views. That’s not bad for a hobby, but it’s nothing exciting either. If I continue in this blogging journey, which is my intent, then I want to increase my daily visit counter.)
  35. Be unapologetic in my relentless pursuit of excellence (I can’t tell you how guilty I have been made to feel throughout my life for wanting more. Not in a selfish way, but in a “be the best you can be” way. I am going to work to rid those feelings from my mind, even when other people are the ones that plan them there.)
  36. Eliminate one food that I shouldn’t be eating for 30 days each month and do this 10 times (Proving that I can do something consistently for 30 days and getting rid of some crap that I am eating that I shouldn’t. It’s a journey to better eating and I recognize that.)
  37. Read one (not required reading) book per month (it is hard to find time to read a page or a chapter in this season of my life, but I really enjoy reading and am going to get back in the regular habit of reading for fun.)
  38. Expand Instagram following to 5K (As I continue to work on my blog and my social media presence, part of doing that is organic growth for instagram, the main account. I’m a little shy of 2K followers now, so this is a stretch goal for sure! Help me out by following us HERE!)
  39. Read the Bible 75% of the days each year (Thanks to my Bible app, it tells me how often I log in and complete reading. Last year I was at 40% of the days for the year, this year 60%. I want to consistently be in the word.)

By recoveringsuperwoman

Krista is a a corporate attorney and single mom of 3 young kids- Nico, Gabriella and Milana- residing in Orlando, FL.


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