Born Besties…

Born Besties…

“I met the greatest friend when I was a little girl and got to keep her the rest of my life.”⠀

My friendships with some of my best friends span decades now. This week I’ve been reminded of the value of friendship as I’ve had friends care for me in the most loving of ways as I battled a bout of sheer emotional and physical exhaustion. ⠀

I was showered with so many words of strength and encouragement that fueled me back into a better place over the last few days. It was not lost on me – the value of friendship. Both near and far, my tribe is strong and has helped carry me when I was feeling unable to continue.⠀

A new friend and neighbor brought me soup, homemade applesauce and water and an invite to talk whenever I wanted. ⠀

My nanny sent me the most inspiring and encouraging text message – I was already an emotional wreck but it brought me to tears for a good hour. ⠀

Another girlfriend sent me a Starbucks e-card so I could grab my favorite drink.⠀

And my dear friend, in from Florida, brought her family over for an amazing dinner that she picked up from one of our favorite restaurants over an hour away. It just so happens that she has a newborn baby girl about 7 weeks younger than my Milana Grace.⠀

It’s something special when you’re friends with someone and your babies can become friends too.⠀I hope that Calysta and Milana enjoy a special bond growing up as their mothers do!

I pray daily that my girls will know the value of friendship and be good friends to each other and those that God places in their lives. We all need support and love and friends really deliver in life’s most trying times. ⠀

Thank you to my village this week and always; I am so lucky to have you all.⠀

By recoveringsuperwoman

Krista is a a corporate attorney and single mom of 3 young kids- Nico, Gabriella and Milana- residing in Orlando, FL.


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