Transition at Phipps Conservatory!

Transition at Phipps Conservatory!


If you follow our blog or instagram– you know that Phipps Conservatory & Botanical Gardens is one of our favorite places. You can find us there at LEAST once a month, often more. I previously posted about one of our visits HERE.


This year I felt like the summer show, Van Gogh in Bloom, went on FOREVER. It was beautiful; I captured several of our visits in posts HERE and HERE.  I think we visited that show five times in total, plus once when it was transitioning in. So needless to say, I was ready to see the next exhibition at Phipps, and we took advantage of the first opportunity after Van Gogh in Bloom wrapped up the first weekend of October. It’s been an annual tradition to visit on my birthday weekend, and we did so again on the Friday before. About half of the rooms were transitioned to the fall show- Japanese Inspirations– which opens officially tomorrow for three weeks!

The first thing I have to report is that the Train Room, as we call it, is back open for the fall show! The actual name is the Garden Railroad Room, and guests of all ages will be happy to see the miniature village running again! It has been a long six months since it was last in session! Because it was transition time at Phipps, we got to see the curators carefully putting all the little parts together, which was a first for us!


Of the dozens of times I’ve been to Phipps with the kids, this is the FIRST time we didn’t visit the Gallery Room where the children’s farmers market and kitchen area is. I carefully avoided it because I was so excited to see the rest of the rooms! Somehow the kids didn’t even notice!

The Sunken Room is still set for the previous show, but the cooler fall air somehow had the room looking a little different this visit. I’m excited to see how this room ultimately transitions.


The Broderie Room (I also call this the Sunflower Room because it’s often adorned with Sunflowers), modeled after the gardens of French chateaux during the reign of Louis XIV never fails with its setups, and the warm fall colors are stunning in their current form.


The transition show also marks the return of the wishing well, which adds a special touch for photos.

c4937142-410d-4b62-8549-c1c0bcfdbfcaIn all fairness, I totally bribed my son to take these photos by telling him there was a cookie at the bottom of the wishing well. There wasn’t, but I gave him one that I happened to have handy in my bag. What I won’t do for an occasional perfect photo!




One of my favorite rooms during each visit is the East Room – right now it is vibrant with sound and color. Bright paper lanterns hang from the glass ceiling over running water and mixed florals that are a sight for the eyes. I can’t wait to see how this looks by the time Japanese Inspirations opens tomorrow!



Make sure that you get your friends and family out to Schenley Park sometime from October 19 – November 10 to see the wonderful things the horticulturists have put together for this fun fall show. Tickets can be purchased online; Hours are 9:30am – 5:00pm daily, and until 10:00pm on Fridays.



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