Take the Kids… to Autumfest!

Take the Kids… to Autumfest!

img_1361You guys know by now that I love getting out and doing things with my little people. I have said it before and I’ll say it again — I parent better outside of the house.


And just saying that reminds me that we’re approaching snow day season, and this mama is already about to stock up on wine in preparation! 🙂





One of my favorite places to visit in the fall season is Seven Springs Mountain Resort. An all-seasons resort located east of Pittsburgh via the turnpike, Seven Springs is the perfect place to #takethekids for a day of weekend fun no matter what time of year. We tend to visit in the fall- this year we made two visits for their annual Autumnfest! One warm weekend day and another where we stayed at the resort for my birthday!





The first weekend we went was an Oktoberfest themed weekend, with lots of fun activities, music, and crafts for the family. The second weekend was chilifest themed, with similar events. Each weekend has a craft show, novelty performers, and nighttime bonfire! You can also enjoy the other activities throughout the resort such as bowling, indoor mini golf, the ski lift and alpine slide, and indoor or outdoor swimming pool Lots of fun for the whole family!




My kids especially loved the pumpkin patch, live music and the hay maze this year- most of our pictures are from these activities. We also visited the petting zoo, but mom isn’t too much a fan of touching the animals or going in the enclosure — those things are hungry and don’t mind snipping at little kids (or moms!).


We stayed overnight on Sunday, the day of my birthday, into Monday, in one of the family suites which have two rooms with separate beds.


Definitely helpful when you have #3under3! Although I will admit, no one slept well. Despite all that fresh mountain air, a small hotel room just doesn’t provide sound blocking like a big house does. Milana wasn’t feeling 100%, so the night was a little rough for all of us.

But that is what wine is for 🙂


There’s one more weekend left of Autumnfest– this one appropriately themed for Halloween! Be sure to check it out!



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Krista is a a corporate attorney and single mom of 3 young kids- Nico, Gabriella and Milana- residing in Orlando, FL.

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