We miss you, Chloe….

We miss you, Chloe….

About a month ago, I suffered devastating heartbreak when I realized that no matter how we tried to make the puzzle pieces fit, it just wasn’t going to work with our dear au pair, Chloe. Between driving and schedule and everything else, it just wasn’t working out and Chloe entered rematch. You may have seen Chloe’s farewell note, which I shared last week.


The happy ending of the story is that she found a family in New Jersey, very near where I went to law school, and is doing well. She’s near her girlfriend Nikita, who I enjoy and can’t wait to meet!  She arrived at the new home this past weekend and is settling in.

The sad ending of the story is that she is no longer with our family.


I knew very early on in the matching process that Chloe was the right person for our family. A very smart, funny and God fearing girl, she presents with a maturity of someone 10 years her senior. She is calm, collected, and fearless in the face of new adventures. She is gentle and quick to pick up on needs I didn’t even realize I had.

Over the seven weeks she spent with our family, I felt like I got so much more than an au pair. I gained a daughter, a sister, a friend. Thank you Lesley and Gregory for sharing such a big piece of your heart with our family. We love Chloe as one of our own.


I was so worried about what Chloe’s transition out of our home would do to all three kids. While the dynamic is certainly different and the house a little (more) chaotic, it hasn’t been as bad as I imagined. The weekend, usually the time period where it’s most chaotic as we’re off schedule and routine of normal life, was pretty good. Of course, Nico went on a two day hunger strike where he refused to eat at the table until “Chloe Thompson” came to eat too, but that was really the only anomaly.

Yes, my kids called her Chloe Thompson — that’s how much a part of our family she became in such a short period of time.


And, there’s Gabi venturing into the guest room no less than 10x a day to look and see if Chloe is under the bed. She’ll gleefully yell “space” if I try to come explain that she is living with a new family. And while Milana hasn’t been able to say or do anything to let us know she misses her because she’s so little, we know she is missing their daily walks and cuddles.

My squad!

We had so many wonderful adventures during Chloe’s time with us. We had a really fun working week at Walt Disney World back in August before I returned to work, and hit most of Pittsburgh’s major highlights including the Carnegie Science Center, Children’s Museum, Phipps Conservatory, Point State Park, North Shore River Park, and the Gateway Clipper! We visited two wineries and took countless photos. Despite it only being less than two months together, the memories and friendship made will last a lifetime.img_6862

Despite this not having worked out for us together, I have absolutely zero regrets about the experience or choosing Chloe. Everything happens exactly as it is supposed to, and I know that we will all be better for the time we had together.

We love you girl, and wish you the best on the rest of your American journey! We miss you dearly…


By recoveringsuperwoman

Krista is a a corporate attorney and single mom of 3 young kids- Nico, Gabriella and Milana- residing in Orlando, FL.

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