Edoki Academy’s Montessori Preschool App – Special Promo!

Edoki Academy’s Montessori Preschool App – Special Promo!

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Earlier this year, before my son transferred from his Birth to Three Montessori Program to the Children’s House, I inquired with his guide some ways that I could work with him to prepare him for the work that he would do in Children’s House. Among other things, she recommended Edoki Aacademy’s Montessori Preschool app.

practical life

Of course, I had another baby over the summer (Meet Milana Grace!) and things have been a little hectic since joining the #3under3 tribe, but I got around to downloading the app and exploring it over the last few weeks. I am planning on writing a more lengthy post with great detail on the features of this app in the coming weeks, but for now I wanted to give an introduction to all of you! This short video on Edoki Academy’s YouTube page will highlight some features.

For any parent that has been in the Children’s House environment, this app is the literal Montessori classroom in digital form. And it doesn’t matter if you are new to the world of Montessori or a seasoned student, Montessori Preschool is easy to follow along and learn by doing – a core principle of Montessori education.

designed by cert mont

Curriculum components include math, early literacy, logic and coding, nursery rhymes, shapes & colors, arts & creativity, practical life, and even Chinese language, numbers and songs.

The most impactful aspect to me is the actual mimic of work in the Montessori classroom. You will see all the Montessori materials that you’d find in the classroom, including the Spindle Box, Sandpaper Letters, Ten and Hundred Board, Golden Beads, Moveable Alphabet, and more!

The Parent Dashboard is pretty amazing as well, allowing you to track your child’s progress and suggesting lessons personalized in sequence for your child (of course, as Montessori does!).

math activities


The app can be purchased on a monthly basis for $6.99/month, or an annual subscription is $59.99. I know this is a bit on the pricey side, but I can assure you that the content is absolutely worth it.

I also have even better news. I reached out to Edoki Academy, and they’re giving all of my readers 50% off an annual subscription, bringing the annual cost down to $29.50! Follow this personalized LINK to automatically receive 50% off, or enter code 3UNDER3 at checkout! Please note- in order to get the discount, you should follow the link on your mobile phone or tablet before downloading the app.

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