Celine Releases New Music in Advance of Courage World Tour Kick-Off Tonight

Celine Releases New Music in Advance of Courage World Tour Kick-Off Tonight

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Okay okay okay, this doesn’t fit in my normal category of things I blog about, but there aren’t many things in this world that get this mama excited more than Celine Dion!!! Tonight is the kick-off of Celine Dion‘s #CourageWorldTour in Quebec City, Canada. After 11 dates in Canada, she’ll head to the United States for an additional 39 dates making a 50 stop North American tour. While the rest of world isn’t announced yet, it is highly anticipated that she’ll take a month or two off after concluding North America and then hit the road for the summer for her first world tour since Taking Chances over a decade ago!

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At the final concert date in Las Vegas after an astounding 16 year sold out run, Celine debuted “Flying On My Own”, the first single from the upcoming English album (out November 15!); her first English language album in 6 years! This morning, three additional tracks were released: “Courage,” “Lying Down,” and “Imperfections.”

Courage“- written by Stephan Moccio, Erik Alcock and Liz Rodrigues. This is an easy favorite, resonating the theme of putting yourself back together after heartbreak or loss. Fans had a preview to the anthem’s lyrics with an instagram post by the Canadian’s songstress’s team on Sept 17th, “Courage don’t you dare fail me now.”


Lying Down“- written by David Guetta, Giorgio Tuinfort with lyrics by Sia. As soon as I heard this song was penned by Sia, I instantly thought I should have known that after listening to it at precisely 8:00am EDT this morning (release time). It is classic Sia and classic Celine- what a team these two make. Personally, I relate BIG to this song. A deep string-laden ballad talks about getting yourself together after a toxic relationship. My favorite line hits deep – “Can’t you see I won’t take this lying down?” SING TO ME, DIVA.

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Imperfections” – written by Ari Leff, Michael Pollack, Nicholas Perloff-Giles and DallasK. This is my least favorite of the three, and probably not a song I’d love if it weren’t sung by Celine. I can see why she recorded this- she’s been the subject of heavy media scrutiny this year. Everything from her very slim figure to her rumored romance with Pepe Nunoz (he’s gay, and 17 years her junior- relax people). This is a renewed look at Celine, after largely being left alone in the months following the passing of her husband and lifelong manager, Rene Angelil in January 2016. Standout lyrics for me – “Before I can love you – I need to learn to love myself. Before I can trust  you – I need to learn to trust myself. I got my own imperfections.”


Celine’s Courage World Tour first hits the United States on October 18th in Cleveland, OH. Interesting first stop in my opinion! But guess who will be there? THIS GIRL! Cleveland is just a short 2ish hour drive from Pittsburgh, and my girl and fellow blogger Julie (It’s Just A Bad Day Blog) will be in center floor seats for first date! And of course we’re also going when the tour hits Pittsburgh in March, because #obsessed.


Some images courtesy of Celine instagram- www.instagram.com/celinedion



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