An open letter to the one who made me a mom…

An open letter to the one who made me a mom…

Happy 3rd Birthday, Nico Orlando Thompson.

Three years ago, at 6:06pm, you entered this world. You entered my heart long before. I was waiting for you, son.

I am never one lacking for words, yet it is nearly impossible for me to come up with any combination of words to fully account for the immense ways you have changed me, challenged me, or how very much you mean to me.

Never in a million years could have I imagined a boy more perfect than you. You are sensitive and sweet — two qualities I wish more men had as you do. You are fiercely independent – in ways that are brilliant and brilliantly frustrating, but I wouldn’t dare change it. You are creative beyond measure – you see a scarf and turn it into a superhero cape; a bowl of Hershey kisses and it is for cooking or counting experiment.

You appreciate attention but understand when it can’t all be directed at you. Despite your young age, you have two baby sisters who you not once have acted jealous of. You are loving, understanding and protective of your family – you are the glue that binds us together.

You have impressed me at every turn with your ability to learn new things – you thoroughly enjoy (thoroughly) cleaning, you help me with any and every task that comes up, and you’ve accomplished significant age milestones in your own time, usually to my surprise.

Nico, you are most likely going to spend a significant portion of your life searching – for yourself, your purpose, God, ways to do hard things easier, good sushi, a life partner, etc.. While you’re searching, I hope you always remember how much that I love you. I hope you take time to figure out who you want to be and pursue that endlessly. I hope you learn the best and worst sides of yourself and fearlessly showcase the former. Love as big and as hard as you do today, but save that special part of your heart for someone who deserves it and reciprocates without fail. Your heart is huge – don’t let others take advantage of it, but don’t be too cautious either. Be intentional in sharing your love and your life.

Never lose your sense of wander. Continue to love learning as you do every day of your life. Stop and search for the worms and smell the roses on every single walk through the neighborhood. Listen when people are talking to you. Give yourself and others (especially me) some grace; we all need it. Form deep relationships with as many people in your life as you can – don’t be transactional. Your relationships with others will save you, secure you, and even tempt you. Be wary of those that only engage on the surface – you might not want to know what is beneath.

I can’t wait to see everything you do in this world. I have complete and total confidence that you will make it a better place. I love you unconditionally and with all of my being. Thank you for making me a mom; it is the greatest gift I’ve ever been given.

And the hardest and most exhausting… πŸ˜‰

I wouldn’t change one single thing.

By recoveringsuperwoman

Krista is a a corporate attorney and single mom of 3 young kids- Nico, Gabriella and Milana- residing in Orlando, FL.


  • Melissa Chapman

    Nico seems like a such a great kid and talented and wise beyond his years. Happy birthday to the two of you and enjoy so many more together.

  • you’re a busy mama! young kids will definitely keep you on your toes and exhausted doing the evening. isn’t it great?! : )
    kids are the best and there’s nothing better than being a mom!
    love your pics

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