This Is Us.

This Is Us.

Motherhood unplugged.


NO ONE wanted to take maternity photos with me today. I forgot to put on lipstick. Got off to a later start than intended. Nico decided this morning he needed a pacifier 24/7 and was mad because the water that I used to do his hair was wet (go figure). Gabriella looked adorable but the sun was bothering her. I was more emotionally invested in getting some photos than I should have been (don’t we all have a tendency to do this occasionally, even when it’s not our normal parenting style?). My emotional investment added pressure. Pressure caused stress. Hence- these amazing pictures. I actually love them.

I LOVE this side of life with 2 under 2, soon to be 3 under 3. It’s raw. It’s real. It’s chaotic, but perfect. This isn’t an Instagram filtered post this is what life is sometimes.

Isn’t that totally parenting?


Extending myself a little grace today (and my kiddos too- they’ve been fantastic travelers). I just did four very full days at WDW while kicking off the third trimester of my third pregnancy in as many years. I’m going through some tough stuff that is challenging my values, my strength, and my stamina. And we’re doing fine. This has been a wonderful trip making memories with my crew; the kids are happy, healthy and safe. That’s everything that matters. Love what matters. Embrace the struggle. Surrender to the chaos. And keep doing better.

By 3under3andme

Krista is an attorney residing in Pittsburgh, PA with her husband, son Nico, daughters Gabriella and Milana, and their au pair, Chloe!


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