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IMG_0081This past week I put out a request for recommendations from some fellow Pittsburgh mamas for somewhere different to try with the kids. We visit a few places pretty regularly- The Carnegie Science Center, The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, and Phipps Conservatory & Botanical Garden (see my recent post on our morning at Phipps HERE). In season, we make it to the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium often enough too. But I just was a little itchy to try somewhere we hadn’t been before. I got lots of great suggestions; here’s a few: Kidzville PA (which has its own coffee shop for parents AND is next to a Target!), Get Air Pittsburgh in Zelionople, Pittsburgh Toy Lending Library in Shadyside, Urban Air Adventure Park in Cranberry, The Lightning Bug in Mars, Pittsburgh Botanic Garden, Play Town Square in Mt Lebanon, and Kindermusik! All of these looked like pretty fun suggestions, and I think the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden might be one we check out really soon too.

However, we chose a different suggestion, SeaBase Family Fun Center in Greensburg, PA. After checking out its website, I was certain this would be a great space for my kids to play, and I wasn’t wrong. Thank you to the mamas that made this suggestion.


A quick 45 minute drive east on the turnpike, and the kids and I arrived at SeaBase about 15 minutes before opening. The very kind gentleman inside let the kids in early, and even allowed them about 10 minutes of completely uninterrupted play before the doors opened. It was a pretty chilly morning, so I was grateful to not have to wait outside and to have the chance to use the bathroom.

I like this place more than most indoor play areas for several reasons:

First, it has a toddler space that is not too “little,” Sometimes, toddler dedicated areas are so dumbed down that kids that are walking just simply wouldn’t enjoy it anymore and they are more ideally suited for babies. The toddler area was perfect. And clean. The only downside of this area was that it was not closed in. This is sometimes a frustration of mine at kids play areas in malls, where the kids can easily slide out and into the rest of the open space (hint hint Ross Park Mall- parents have been complaining about this for two years!). Similarly, I think this space needs some type of door or entry way that doesn’t allow excited kids to run right out. Particularly for moms with multiple kids.


Second, there was an advanced toddler space, which both my kids loved, even my 1 year old that isn’t walking yet! This area was more challenging and more exciting for both kids. While it had some areas that were a little scary (several 2 feet drops that made my heart race a bit), the structure was really colorful, exciting, and with different obstacles that made going through it over and over again feel like the first time. It was also extremely clean; I could smell the freshness when we walked in, and for any mom- limiting contact with germs in public places is important. One down side to this section was that it was just big enough that if I was sitting with my daughter inside the structure (making sure that she wouldn’t fall down in one of the more dangerous drop areas), I couldn’t see my son if he was on the far side of it. He would go down the slide and there would be about 10 seconds from when he’d get to the bottom of the slide until he would be in my line of sight again walking (okay, running) back around the structure. This was a little stressful considering the number of other people there, but we made it work.

Third, there was a really fun music space, where the kids could try all sorts of different ways to make sounds. There was a very colorful xylephone, a few different wall pianos, two sets of drums and several other percussion instruments. The kids really enjoyed this area as well.

Lastly, there was a big train (additional cost- $2/person) that went around the track. The kids were staring at that train from the second we walked in the building, and were so excited to be on the first ride of the day. Great extra feature; everyone knows how kids love trains!

For bigger kids, there was an arcade, laser tag, and a massive bigger kids indoor playground structure. I couldn’t even see the entire thing it was so big. I’m sure the kids will love playing in that area once they are older.

All this for the price of admission- $8/kid and no charge for adults. We were able to take advantage of their military special, and the kids received $2 off each, making it just $12 for two hours of fun!


For adults, there is plenty of space to sit and relax, or stand around and watch the kids without being too close. There’s a very large concession area serving a variety of reasonably priced food and drinks. SeaBase had several party rooms for hosting birthday parties, and was even running a special for birthday guest & 10 kids, including admission, pizzas and drinks for $158.89! They also offer free printable SeaBase themed invitations and thank you cards, making life easy on parents!

I highly recommend checking out this massive indoor play space; I am sure that we will visit again at some point in the coming months. Thanks for hosting us, SeaBase!

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Krista is a a corporate attorney and single mom of 3 young kids- Nico, Gabriella and Milana- residing in Orlando, FL.

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