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This past week mom took another trip sans kids (this never happens, I swear!), but this time to Memphis, Tennessee. My company recently issued a corporate directive where all Pittsburgh employees need to relocate by 2020, so when a work trip popped up to Memphis, I was anxious to go down and see what it might potentially be like to live in the city famous for blues, barbeque and Elvis!

I had three days for my trip- the first which I spent exploring potential areas to live and for my kids to go to school, notably: 1) Harbor Town (Mud Island), 2) Downtown, and 3) Midtown.

Harbor Town is a cute planned urban town on a 132 acre sandbar on the Mississippi River. It is such a cute place- row homes, apartments, shops, schools, parks, and its own marina! My uber driver mentioned that many people live on boats right there in the marina! Harbor Town also boasts its own hotel- River Inn– which had a European boutique feel. I explored several apartments there, any of which I felt like I could live in. However, I was disappointed in the childcare options. I checked out the Maria Montessori School and the Foreign Language Immersion School, neither which left me feeling like they were the right fit, for different reasons.

The second day I had business meetings for most of the day, but was able to spend about an hour walking around the Downtown area. I saw where the new office building would be, and was quite excited! I did not think downtown living would be best for kids, and my suspicion was confirmed. 0/2 on places to live/work/school. I was feeling pretty bummed.

After my meetings concluded on the second day, I went to the Midtown area. Feeling quite distressed after striking out thus far, I am happy to say that I think Midtown would be suitable for living with young kids AND I found two great childcare options. The first was the Midtown Montessori School on Galloway. I was so ecstatic to visit this school, which was true to the Montessori method in every way I could think of. It is absolutely critical for me that, if we do move, at a minimum- Nico remains in a Montessori environment. I don’t believe Montessori would be right for every kid or every family, but it definitely is for Nico. He thrives in that environment and I will endeavor to keep him in Montessori as long as possible and as long as it still seems like the right thing for him.

The second option was daycare, which would be for the younger two kids until they aged up to Montessori at 2 1/2- Lindenwood Christian Childcare Center. This place was absolutely perfection. Safety, security, and cleanliness were top notch; at least as good as anywhere else I’d seen in Pittsburgh or elsewhere. Each room was adorable and uniquely designed for the ages and interests of the children. The rooms were warm and I’m certain this would be a good spot for Gabriella and #3. Plus, their wait list had over 30 children on it in multiple age rooms; that’s always a good sign.

While I didn’t have much luck finding housing in midtown, I’m certain that I could on a subsequent visit. I did want to tell you about three great eats that I checked out while in town, and urge you to make a stop!

The first was Central BBQ. Working for a company headquartered in Memphis, I have heard about Central BBQ since I started working here. I finally got a chance to check it out, and man was it worth the wait! I’m not a barbeque fiend, but I do love some great pork, mac n cheese, and cornbread. My meal did not disappoint!

While I’m not the biggest fan of fend for yourself dining, it worked just fine for a quick lunch stop. I only waited about 10 minutes to get a table, which I’m told is almost unheard of for Central BBQ at lunch hour!

The second stop was a Flight Restaurant & Wine Bar– This is one of my top 3 restaurants anywhere, not just in Memphis. I went here for the first time back in November of 2017 when I was having dinner with a colleague and it is a staple on each visit I make. THe concept of the restaurants is just as the name suggests- flights. Everything on the menu is set up as a flight of 3, giving you a chance to try a little bit of everything. On this visit I went with the Gulf Grouper, Shrimp Risotto and Sween Corn Buerre Blac. Because I’m pregnant (I will use this excuse every time I can, this is my last pregnancy!), I ordered an additional side of Pumpkin Ravioli (it is out of this world). I was so full I couldn’t eat the dessert I ordered (don’t worry, that’s what to go bags are for). Please, whenever you are in town, visit this exquisite restaurant and you will neither be hungry nor disappointed.

The final stop was at Sunrise Memphis. Call it pregnancy cravings, I don’t know, but I have been dying to get my hands on some avocado toast these last few weeks. I want it every single day. I know, I know- very basic. All this to say, my search parameters for breakfast on my last day in town was “Avocado Toast- Memphis.” I didn’t really care how far out of the way it was, I was in desperate need of some buttery avocado spread on some bread. Sunrise did not disappoint. The restaurant is designed as semi- quick service, so you order at the counter when you walk in and your food is delivered to your table. Mine was delivered less than 3 minutes after sitting down, while I was still glancing lovingly at the Bloody Mary Bar. Yes, there’s a build your own bloody mary bar. Check our the photo! The decor was very Memphis and extremely detail oriented, which is something that always gives me confidence in the food I’m about to eat, particularly when pregnant. A gentleman that appeared to be an owner or manager made his way to my table a few minutes before I finished, and asked me some questions about my meal, service, and whether I was local. Fantastic place that I can’t wait to try again!

By recoveringsuperwoman

Krista is a a corporate attorney and single mom of 3 young kids- Nico, Gabriella and Milana- residing in Orlando, FL.

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